Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why TuffSkin?
    Calcium Based Stones like Marble, Onyx and Travertines etch and stain very easily, sometimes faster than it can be wiped away. No liquid sealer can prevent this issue. TuffSkin provides complete etch and stain protection.
  • What is TuffSkin?
    TS is a proprietary stone laminate similar to a cell phone screen protector only on a larger scale. It is not a liquid at all. It is 4 mil polyester manufactured in roll form.
  • Will TS protect my counters from etching?
    Yes. Stone protected will not etch.
  • Will my countertops scratch?
    TS protects against scratching, chipping and stun marks. Although the TS laminate could be damaged, your stone will not. We do recommend the use of cutting boards, placemats & trivets, just as you would with your natural stone. Should your tops become scratched TS is easily removed and replaced.
  • What about household Products and Chemicals?
    TS is very chemical resistant. There are no chemicals that can harm our coating.
  • Will TS protect my counters from direct heat?
    Yes, TS can take the heat and stay in the kitchen. In the bathroom, blow dryers and curling irons do not affect TS. It can withstand heat up to 400 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Can I install TS outdoors?
    Yes, TS it will not turn yellow and has a UV inhibitor built in to the hardcoat. In full sun, it should last approximately 2 years. With a patio cover expect it to last longer.
  • How long will my TS last?
    Depending on use, for instance, our hospitality customers see about 6-10 years before needing replacement. Bars and restaurants replace approximately every 1-4 years and residential customers normally enjoy their TS for approximately 3-5 years. This will truly all depend on how heavy traffic the area is and how perfect you would like the area to appear.
  • How do I clean my TS?
    We recommend using any non-abrasive glass or stone cleaner. We also recommend microfiber towels to buff to a perfect shine.
  • Does a TS installation create smells or VOC’s?
    A TS installation is environmentally safe and creates no odors.
  • How quickly can I use my counters after an installation?
    Maximum bond time is 72 hours, but countertops can be used within 2 hours after an install.
  • How much time does it take to install TS?
    An average kitchen takes about 1 day. Hotel projects can be completed at 10-25 rooms per day.
  • What finishes are available for TS?
    Satin or Gloss are the two finishes available. Satin is used for a honed finish where Gloss is used for a polished finish.
  • How much does does it cost?
    TuffSkin is quoted per job including product, installation, and warranty. Prices depend of sizes, quantities, waste factor and service areas. Your closest Dealer will be happy to quote any project. TuffSkin is always a less expensive way to keep stone tops looking great.
  • Does TuffSkin wrap around the edge of the stone?
    No, TuffSkin only protects the flat top surface only. We do not see stone damage on edges.
  • Does TuffSkin peel?
    TuffSkin never peels on its own. TuffSkin can be peeled back with some effort by humans. We have seen this in Bars, especially gaming bars. These types of installations require monthly review by staff. We see no issues in home or hotel room installations. TuffSkin is a better way to maintain these surfaces.
  • What will my countertops look like with TS installed?
    Clients most often report that their stone looks remarkable with TS’s color-enhancing effect. Satin enhances a honed finish while the gloss enhances a polished finish.
  • How do I clean my TuffSkin?
    You may use any stone cleaner or glass cleaner to clean the surface. Final buffing can be done with a dry micro fiber towel.

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